Out of the Box Foundation

is a group of people from all aspects of life that want to provide their talents for the greater good of the world. Locally and not so locally, this group - with the help of funding - has affected many lives positively. From prison inmates, to senior shut-ins, school children & children affected by cleft palate issues, Out of the Box Foundation strives to make a mark on the world.

This work cannot be done without the generous gifts that have been given and will continue to be given.

Check out the progress of these projects here.

"If even one life is changed for the better, our work on earth was worth every struggle."


Out of the Box Foundation is a non-profit entity 501(c)3 that supports numerous branches of outreach. We strive to be involved in these forms of outreach for the better good of not only our local community, but also communities afar.

Every donation can be designated or split evenly between these branches, based on your choice. 

All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a letter of gratitude for your generosity.



T: 423-329-9631


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