Our projects are local, national & international. Take a look at each listed project below.

Bringing God into prisons across the USA. This ministry caters to prison inmates who desire to grow close to God.

The Word

Providing funds for Greene County, TN School Lunch Programs. This ministry provides funds for our local school lunch programs.

Greene County

School Lunch Programs

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Voices of Care

Bringing hope to families in El Salvador. A surgical team is brought in to treat cleft palate issues.

Mending Faces

Located in Greene County, these raised beds will grow produce for those in need locally. Also included will be education for school children.

Gardening Education & Produce Give-Away

Your donations will help fund the ministry branch of your choosing. Thank you for your anticipated generosity! As always, all donations are tax deductible.

Donations Appreciated!


Out of the Box Foundation is a non-profit entity 501(c)3 that supports numerous branches of outreach. We strive to be involved in these forms of outreach for the better good of not only our local community, but also communities afar.

Every donation can be designated or split evenly between these branches, based on your choice. 


All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a letter of gratitude for your generosity.



T: 423-329-9631


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